About us

About Us - Advaita Movement is a yoga sangam with a philosophy based in traditional Hatha Yoga. We’re at the forefront of a mission to get in tune with our bodies, minds and most importantly, souls.
Madura is a passionate yogini and holistic health advocate. She completed her masters in physiology with a diabetes focus and has a bachelor in life sciences with a double major in neuroscience and psychology. For years she pursued the dream to become a medical doctor, and has worked in various capacities in the health care sector including research on terminally-ill cancer patients. However, it wasn't until many years later and after many failed attempts at getting into medical school; that she realized that her true passion lied in holistic wellness. For her, that means teaching and spreading the art and philosophy of yoga and yogic lifestyle. Madura has been practicing yoga from various reknowned gurus since her early teens, and has both 200 YRT Certification as well as Traditional Hatha Yoga Training Certification from Annamalai University. Her strong foundation in the health sciences enables her to apply and explain the benefits of Yoga from a rigorous question-based approach, while her inner artist and mystic often likes to let loose and just flow. To her, yoga is both science and art, and more. Madura's life goal is to get as many people as possible to adopt a yogic lifestyle. Therein lies the secret to true happiness.